Shit Happens

Life for some,

Is not so great.

Destroyed by greed,

Or another’s hate.

It may be luck.

It may not be fair.

But these people,

Just don’t care.


            Jessica was seventeen years old before life came crashing down on her. She had a boyfriend, a family, good grades–but for what? Jessica was out partying with her friends before she was hit. A drunk driver (drunker than the driver of Jessica’s car I suppose), swerved over the median and began to drive on the wrong side of the road. Apparently, Ray (Jessica’s esteemed driver and boyfriend) had failed to notice the peculiarity of the situation and drove head on into the drunk driver. Ray was thrown from the car and died instantly. Jessica lay there, motionless, and died. Eleven years later. She didn’t care. Her whole life she had despised the expectations, the ideas that she should follow some sort of mold. Now she wouldn’t have to. She could simply lay there and listen, and that suited her just fine. Its better than being dead, she thought. But what she came to realize, was that death would be slightly less bothersome than being a vegetable. So she decided to die.

Death for some is the only out,

While others live on–

Without a doubt.

            I once met a man, whose wife and two sons were killed in a fire. Death cowardly seduced them while they were asleep, a gas leak in the house caused an explosion. They died instantly. All that was left was the charred earth where the house once stood and the debris littered around their farm. He was away with an escort.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry,” I said after he had told me his story.

“Yes, it’s terrible, but I trust in the one true Lord Jesus Christ” he said a blank face. My jaw dropped.

“The lord works in mysterious ways.” I said sarcastically.

“I’ll see them in heaven”

Though it had happened only three weeks earlier, he showed no remorse, no grief. He was blinded by his ignorance and his faith. His two sons are dead, along with his wife. He doesn’t mind. I left this man feeling shittier about my own life than I had when I arrived. I envied him—to be so absurd that you are always happy.

To wheel around,

Sounds like fun.

Until your bound,

To both your buns.


            A crippled lady meandered her way onto the bus one day. It was an awful sight. The lift was excruciatingly slow, and everyone in the bus took to watching the spectacle. I wonder if she could feel our eyes burning on her, If she could. I couldn’t tell. She was fat and ugly and old. Her blonde hair looked stiff and stringy, like it would be coarse to the touch. Her face barely moved. I despised her the second I saw her, perhaps unfairly. Her electric scooter bounced back and forth as she tried to position herself, I couldn’t help but feel she was just one of those fat people who didn’t feel like walking anywhere. She made everything go slower, but she didn’t seem to mind or get uncomfortable at the eyes of the bus glaring at her, imploring her to be on her way. She was uncomfortable to be around. Her easiness made me uneasy. I decided to leave the bus and walk. I darted across the street in an attempt to beat the traffic. I guess I wasn’t as fast as I thought. Another bus, coming the other way, was going to fast, hit me and shattered my spine. Now I’m paralyzed, and all I could think was that I should have seen it coming.

What a terrible situation,

A cause for much consternation.

An unbearable twist of fate,

Destroyed a life to recreate,

The life of another,

In yet another’s eyes–

Because bad shit happens

In everyone’s lives.


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