Fuck the World and the People in It Part One

I wish this was a story. I wish this wasn’t true.

But it is.

Well, most of it.

A friend I’ve known for years: a beautiful blonde girl with humor, kindness, and loyalty decided that she was worth nothing. Maybe she felt that way for awhile. She could have been anything, had anyone. But all she wanted was to get fucked up and plunge deeper and deeper into oblivion. What makes a girl with everything going for her want to do that? A poor family life? An abusive dad? a dying mom?

Well in this case, probably.

You’d have to be some kind of psychologist to get into it all.

Two days ago she was raped. Then her life was threatened. I drove four hours to pick her up, because she “needed to get out of town for awhile”. Day one was normal. She got ridiculously drunk, cried, and made me fall in love.

A girl can be an addict, she can use you, but she can also make you feel loved.

Have you ever wondered about pimps and hoes? I met a pair before.

They call them “escorts” these days.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend: Andrew probably 24. He was an average sized man and wavy brown hair fell around a face that always seemed to brood. He also had a small penis and let guys fuck him in the ass, as Marissa pointed out various times that night. Marissa was funny and beautiful. Nineteen, 5’1”, great ass and better tits. She had blonde hair but it was obviously dyed. She had the sweetest smile, despite somewhat crooked teeth. Sometimes I would catch Andrew glancing over jealously as we would talk or laugh about something.

So I had met these two at a bar and we hung out. Despite their odd profession, they seemed like pretty decent people. Besides, prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. I don’t think it should be illegal. But that’s a different story.  I don’t know if they were playing me or what, but I had a good time. We arranged to meet again the next day at the beach to hang out and try to sell pot.

Hey if I didn’t think prostitution should be illegal, why would I think drugs should?

I get what it’s like to not have enough money. It makes you do strange things sometimes. They had quite a few connections and I could sell quite a few drugs. We decided to party at their house Saturday night and try to make some money in the process.

I took this fragile girl to their house because they liked to party and so did we. She too is used to the grimier side of life and I warned her what we were walking into. Sometimes the worst places are the best.

Not tonight.

Drugs, alcohol, pills, pot. Anything you wanted you could have–for a price. Oh, and sex, but it wasn’t supposed to be that kind of night.

Andrew and Marissa changed drastically as the night progressed, scheming and whispering, looking at my beautiful friend, Elle.

It was then I knew I made a mistake.

We were all faded. The drug cocktail had taken all of Elle’s wits. It had taken Andrew and Marissa’s kindness. It took my courage.

They wanted to turn this 19 year old beauty, one of my best friends and a girl I love (although the feeling is not reciprocated, at least in the way I’d like) into a prostitute. I watched it unfold in whispers and reassuring touches.

Then I realized it. Andrew wanted to take something I loved away from me as revenge or “charming” his girlfriend.

Desperation can make a person do a lot of things. She thought she was getting money. Her and Marissa were supposed to give oral sex to a “client” and they would both get money and we could continue the party. At least that’s what I thought. It was all very hush-hush. When I found out, I told her not to do it. But she was passed the point of making rational decisions and Andrew made it very hard for me to get her away.

But really, they got her doped up enough to convince her to suck a strangers penis for $70 worth of crack. A nineteen year old girl.

And I let her do it. I didn’t want to. But I did.

As things got stranger and stranger, cans made into crack pipes being passed around, I tried to get her to leave. She was so far gone. This once dazzling creature, eyes rolled to the back of her head, blowing out a hit of smoke–she looked at me and said no. I started to grab our stuff and implored her to leave. At this point Andrew was getting very angry. He told me it was time for me to leave. When I said I wasn’t leaving without Elle, he grabbed a knife and a small can of mace and pointed both at me. Elle, barely able to stand, shouted at me, “I want to stay!”

“You want to stay here and be a whore?”

“Why not? I’m worthless anyway!” As this was said Andrew began to move in a more threatening manner towards me. He told me I better leave; if I didn’t want to get hurt.

By now I was almost outside the door. I begged her to leave. I told her she was abandoning me and she didn’t even care. I watched the door as I backed away from Andrew’s aggressive scowls. When the door closed, I thought it was the last time I would see my best friend.

It was 4:00am when they kicked me out. But she wanted to stay. Two days in the city and she abandoned her “best friend” to become a whore. So I left her.

How can a girl so perfect be so broken?

How could I have let that happen?


One Response to “Fuck the World and the People in It Part One”

  1. Part two is pretty much written but Idk if I’m gonna post it.

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