Life 1101 – Course Syllabus

Life 1101

Course Syllabus

Course Objective:

The object of this course is to be alive. There are many choices you can make as to how you wish to live. Students will (1) experience, (2) make tough decisions, (3) search for happiness and eventually (4) die. Students will leave this class prepared, though not guaranteed, to enter whatever afterlife they find most appealing.


Students will face many challenges also known as “life choices.” They will have regular practice interacting with people. Students may learn to admire, befriend, love, loath, like, fight, fuck, trust, betray, eat pop-tarts, ride bikes, find God, climb mountains, or whatever else students may find worth doing. Pop quizzes and exams will be given regularly, though students may not know that they are being tested at the time.


There are no required texts for this course; however, reading books is recommended.

Course Policies:

1. This course is not fair.

2. Students should use their time wisely. This course often ends much too soon.

3. Attendance is not mandatory.

4. Honesty is expected at all times, though hardly necessary (or even expected, really).

5. Students who face difficulties completing the course or who are in need of counseling or urgent help may need to get in line


Students will be graded on a S/U basis. To receive a satisfactory grade they must face the infinite unknown–content and with dignity.


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