Through the times,

I pass time by:

Just sitting here or there

Wondering why?

Why to live,

And why to die?

Why to laugh,

or even, why to cry?

I wonder why people lie,

I wonder why people try.

I wonder why, why rhymes with so many words.

Who I am, and why I am–

But these things I surely cannot know.

Life is wondering,

And why is certainly the question.

Life makes it possible

to wonder why.

To disagree,

Or to be a skeptic.

I wonder why everyday,

Why people act a certain way.

Question things that you have heard,

And WHY they are being told to you.

Who, and what, and when and where,

How can they even compare?

To the reasons behind the action or place,

The person or the face.

Why is the reason we are here today.

Why is the reason there is a tomorrow.

Why is the reason there was a yesterday.

I wonder why.


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