It’s Not Easy Being Transcendental in the Suburbs

“Give yourself to the Lord,” read the sign

outside the mega-prayer center.

The converted sports arena sat next

to a busy highway.



In America, everything is a business.

Instead of gothic cathedrals,

we have nondenominational meccas

with parking lots instead of atriums.



There are no large, overarching, stained-glass windows

that reach for the heavens and let there be light.

We manufacture that instead, using the newest

technology in flashing lights and video projection.



The nave and wooden pews

Have been replaced with padded

stadium seating. An angel

looks down disapprovingly at a congregation



cheering to the words of an over-zealous

pastor. I watched on the jumbotron

as he spoke in tongues and made a cripple

stand from a wheelchair, then fall back down into it—



overpowered by presence of Christ.

Jesus was praised and money collected.

The pastor stood triumphantly under the angel.

Michelangelo would have thought he was in hell.


3 Responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Transcendental in the Suburbs”

  1. Darkest Diamond Says:

    I really enjoy your work, it’s dry, clever, funny, fresh, I’m glad to follow you 🙂

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