The Interwebs

You distract me for hours,

but I can’t say that I really mind.

You turn nouns into verbs—

Google it.


You are filled with admins, moderators,

trolls, lurkers, flamers,

hackers, gamer, bloggers,



You are the source of raw,




When I need media for free,

I look to you.

Thanks for the songs, the movies,

the pay-per-view fights,

and of course,

the porno.


You give us fantasy lives in games

for only $10 a month; or fantasy lives

in chat rooms that seem real for free.


If only I could write this poem

in 140 characters or less; maybe

then people would read it.


You’ve made social rejects of us all,

Internet. But you make me

lol, so it’s okay. At least

you give us a way to



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