So Long and Thanks for All the Words

When I heard the world was ending,

I wasn’t upset. I always hoped

to be around for the end. At least when I die,

I know I won’t be missing out



on anything. The talking heads

displayed an eerie stoicism

about the whole thing:



Stay in your homes, and pray

to your god. Soon you will

be joining him, her, or it. I thought

it was nice that they



could remain politically correct

at a time like this. The broadcast ended

with a tear and a phrase:



God Bless America.

As if America meant anything

anymore. As if it ever meant anything.

At the edge of existence



there are no nations, just words

without meaning. Poems without

meaning. Meaning without meaning.



I think I’m cracking up. Remember when I said

I wasn’t upset? I am. Now, a silent

countdown stares back at me from the T.V. –

One minute.



One last stanza until the end.

One last line for no one to see.

One last


2 Responses to “So Long and Thanks for All the Words”

  1. theskeletonman Says:

    This is, strangely enough, very heartwarming

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