Chapter 2

Chapter Two:

Sometimes, I like to browse ads for escorts on the internet. I never meet with them though. I like to look at the pictures. Sometimes I even work up the nerve to call them. We talk for a little while and then I get nervous and hang up. This is how I met Blondie.

One night, after a few Xanax and a bottle of wine, I began to peruse as I am want to do. Then I saw her:

~~~~~ BuSty BLonDe WiTh BooTy ~~~~

Are you ready to meet your new addiction? Let me introduce myself, my name is Blondie. I am 100% the real deal. I stand at 5’2” and weighs 130lbs. I tan and work out often so I assure you that I’m just like my photos. Paired with my toned body is a stunning face! I come to you. Discreet, Respectful and Clean. Would like for you to be as well! Call me boys! 347-954-7588

She had two pictures: one of her plump ass in a green thong, and another of her full body, wearing laced black bra and panties. I got hard just looking at them. My heart began to pound and without thinking I was reaching towards my phone. I picked it up and dialed the numbers. It rang a couple times before she answered. When I heard her voice, my heart dropped.

“Hello?” she said, sweetly.


“Hellooo? I can hear you breathing.”

I hung up the phone and closed out the browser. I spun in my chair and watched my small studio apartment whirl around me. The posters on my wall blurred as I passed my twin bed next to the desk, neatly made. Then there was the small kitchen in the corner, the door, My TV and stand across the wall from my bed, my bookshelf next to it, and the bathroom and closet in the corner next to that. When I came full circle I almost knocked off the lamp on my desk, but somehow I managed to snag it as it fell. This feat impressed me, as my facilities were quite impaired at this point. I had a good laugh at myself and put the lamp in its rightful spot. Then I fell off the chair and passed out on the floor. 


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