Some Chocolate

Isn’t it funny: that dreamy state of mind?

Nostalgia, regret, wandering

into the past. It doesn’t really exist,


you know? Outside of our minds,

of course. It comes and goes as ideas;

The way life might have been—


A year ago,

A month ago,



I am stuck in a dream with experiences real

and unreal, woven together

in the illusionary web of time.


I have met Borges as Borges.

I met Zarathustra and scoffed at the Superman.

I stood at the edge of absurdity with Camus,


and anguished over Abraham with Kierkegaard.

I have done all

and none of these things.


I have lived, and dreamt, and slept

a thousand lifetimes. Words scribbled

on a piece of paper. Words that will mean


nothing. Words that mean everything

right now. All we have are moments.

The rest is a dream;


The rest is a lie.


4 Responses to “Some Chocolate”

  1. frenzyofflies Says:

    Life is experience. The rest is prejudice.

  2. Thank you I appreciate that.

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