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“I am nothing
I shall always be nothing
I cannot wish to be anything.
Aside from that, I have within me all the dreams of the world.”

Fernando Pessoa


America, Fuck Yeah!

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Let’s go USA! If this song doesn’t get you pumped for Team USA, lick my butt and suck on my balls!

What you gonna do when we come for you now (Beligium)!


Fuck Yeah!

Something New and the Same

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Sometimes there’s times
I try to find a reason
and rhyme for whats behind

the decisions I make.
Revisions run through my head–
what could be different,

what I should have said. If I can change?
It’s strange to dwell on the past.
Mistakes, regrets, fast cars, slow rides,

love and lust, the good and the bad–
like a fad these thoughts linger
in my head for far too long. When the future seems bleak

I tend to seek pipe dreams
and self-destruction. We are all
responsible for our life’s direction.

I just wish I knew which way to go.

Show Some Love to My Boy

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These are some videos of covers done by my good friend Mike Fajardo. They include Badfish by Sublime, Feeling Alright by Rebelution, and Tornado by Mike Pinto. – Feeling Alright – Tornado


Check him out, hes actually kinda good.

Video of the Newcastle, OK Tornado Forming

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Video of the Newcastle, OK Tornado Forming

And then proceeding to destroy everything in its path. Wild video. 

Mother Nature can be a real bitch sometimes. 

Tobacco Kiosk by Fernando Pessoa

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Tobacco Kiosk by Fernando Pessoa

Probably my favorite poem of all time.


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Comment on my shit. If you like something, tell me what works. If you don’t like something, tell me what doesn’t. I respect most of my followers as writers and am receptive to feedback good or bad. 


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I need a vacation.

If only I could afford it. I’ve always

wanted to go to Europe or Australia

or Jamaica; somewhere away


form the elephant and donkey

show and the 99%. I want to walk

on the Dead Sea, run in the Sahara,

survive on an island. When I was


in high school, I used to think

I’d get so rich I could buy an island

and have my own private getaway.

Now I just hope


I can buy a house.

I would occupy Wall Street,

but I have so much work to do.

I need a vacation.